A Piercing Manifesto from a Christian Who Dares to Tell Christians Where They’ve Gone Off Track

Learn Hard-hitting and Enlightening Insights into Why So Many Christians Today Have It Wrong

Have you wondered why traditional Christian values of love and acceptance have slowly eroded into an incorrect doctrine that promotes judgment and intolerance?

In her gripping new book, The Christian Manifesto, Dr. T.F. Lewis examines how many of today’s Protestants have strayed far from the heart of Christianity by spreading and promoting incendiary messages.

As a Christian, a board-certified physician and the daughter of two pastors, Dr. Lewis offers revealing insight into how Christianity has largely been reduced to mere folklore as recent generations have passed down Biblically unfounded principles that have been accepted as truth.

If you are a Christian, you don’t expect to hear this on judgment day:

“You missed the boat. All you did was use Me to make yourselves important. You don’t impress Me one bit. You’re out of here.”

─God, (Matthew 7:23)

Gain Perspective into How Many Christians Have
Tarnished True Christianity

Dr. Lewis boldly asserts that aggressive actions such as protesting abortion clinics, campaigning against gay rights and harshly judging those outside the Christian faith are not “Christ-like” behaviors and should be strongly discouraged by the Church.

Backed by scripture and thorough research, this electrifying book describes in great clarity what it really takes in today’s complex society to live a Christ-pleasing life.

Today’s Protestants Need to Judge Others Less and Embrace Love and Acceptance of Others

Dr. Lewis writes from a place of conviction and deep feeling and passion. As you read each thought-provoking page of The Christian Manifesto you will:

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Awaken to a Progressive Paradigm Shift in Christian Thinking
That Ends Narrow-minded Intolerance

The Christian Manifesto directly challenges today’s conservative leanings and instead promotes an open-minded approach that emphasizes love, acceptance, grace and tolerance.

Dr. Lewis promotes a return to Christian traditions that create a broad tent under which all people can feel accepted and welcomed.

With an honest and open voice, she vents her frustration with the rampant hypocrisy and judgmental belief systems that have overtaken many of today’s Christian institutions.

Rediscover What it Means to be a Compassionate, Caring Christian in Today’s Polarizing Culture

While questioning the foundation and motivation of today’s Protestant church, Dr. Lewis offers a way home to Christians by returning to compassionate teachings of what it really means to live a loving, Christ-like life.

She boldly points out how even the Bible describes many of today’s believers as “good-for-nothing Christians” (Titus 1:10,16) who use church doctrine to artificially elevate themselves in the eyes of society.

Dr. Lewis also details how it’s time for such Christians to lose their higher-than-thou self-righteous attitude and adopt a mindset that is more centered on:

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Accept That God Loves Those with Whom You May Disagree

Dr. Lewis reaffirms that God’s love for those with opposing views to conservative Christians is still unending and non-failing. She strongly asserts that the Protestant church must use its influence to teach that:

In direct contrast to many contemporary Christian leaders, Dr. Lewis asserts that pointing out fault with others and criticizing alternative lifestyles is useless and immoral living.

She contends that such “conservative” ideals should be eliminated from the church and replaced with Christian values that stress faith and actions aimed at lifting and helping others in all walks of live regardless of their lifestyle or political beliefs.


Dr. Tameika Lewis is a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist, author and publisher. She has a passion for writing and in particular enjoys writing religious books with a fresh perspective that encourage progressive thinking and initiate paradigm shifts. She currently resides in Winter Park, Florida, with her husband Kevin and her daughter, Kallie.


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